There are 7.175 billion people in the world

There are 6,300 spoken languages in the world

There are 4,200 religions in the world

It only takes 1 to make a difference


What is Destination Peace?


Destination Peace is a global movement which exists to connect people around the world through a common language transmitted through music. Its goals are to challenge minds and change hearts using music as a transformative method to work toward world peace by creating a positive movement to generate awareness, inspire change, uplift spirits and encourage civil discourse.

Under the leadership of recording artist, lecturer, civic and spiritual leader Emanuel "Manny" Perlman, Destination Peace will travel the world with its message of peace and serve as a transformative change agent to connect people with one another and break through the restrictions of linguistic and natural inborn differences.

Ultimately, Destination Peace envisions a world without political, religious, racial or ethnic strife.


Cantor Emanuel Perlman - Founder, Destination Peace, Civic Leader, Philanthropist: October 22, 2016, Stanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, La Jolla, CA. Organized by Alliance 4 Empowerment The 2016 Global Empowerment Summit explored the Power of collaboration, Social impact, Global Connection, Human Triumph, Recognition, and The Power of Collective Minds: human trafficking think tank both locally, nationally, and internationally.


Why Music?


For more than 50,000 years the language of music has played a key role in the very fabric and shape of society.

Music can be found in every culture and is an integral part of community structure, even of the most isolated tribal groups.  A culture's music is influenced by all aspects of that culture including, social and economic organization and experience, climate and access to technology. The emotions and ideas expressed through music, the circumstances in which music is played and listened to and the attitudes towards musicians,  composers and performers all vary between regions and periods in history.

Music influences social and political culture as well.  It has been used as a means to generate awareness, provoke change, and inspire the hearts and minds of an audience of many or an audience of one.

Music and mathematics are recognized as humanity's universal methods of communication.  Music has lead soldiers into battle and echoed triumphant in victory.  It continues to inspire all of us, the scholar, the laborer, world leaders, and students around the globe, and it inspires our most precious members of society, our children. 

Let us communicate through music to make this world a better place for all humanity.


Written by: Tony Prendatt
Music Executive, Producer & Sound Recordist/Mix Engineer

Behind the Music

And the Universal Language found in Destination Peace


The Destination Peace debut album contains traditional classics such as, You Raise Me Up and What a Wonderful World.  The  centerpiece is its' final track, Destination Peace (co-written by Bill Riley, John Kiehl and John Warpinski) which melds percussive rhythms and unique sounds to create a musical experience that transcends cultural diversity.

Destination Peace is honored to share each of these pieces which shines a light on the human spirit and the need to end suffering and injustice for all mankind.


Sasha Eha Tozi Hawoo

The universe speaks through all of us


Eight simple syllables: Sasha Eha Tozi Hawoo.

All striving for something simple and pure.

And yet so elusive, throughout the existence of humanity. 

Peace in our lifetime.


By studying over 100 common languages Manny forged a new vehicle of communication to express universal desire of coexistence and peace. He studied the syllables and the spoken sounds of the word "peace" in each of these languages and found similarities between all of them. Through his findings he was able to truncate "peace" into 4 words: Sasha Eha Tozi Hawoo. But what does it mean? It can mean anything to anyone, but Manny's personal interpretation, the phrase represents the idea that "the universe speaks through all of us".

“I’m not really creating a new language, but a paradigm of sounds that everyone can sing without conforming or being identified with a particular language. This way, no disturbance is created.” - Manny



"If we could all only see the face of God in everything and everyone, all the time, surely the world would be a kinder place."


Multiple Emmy Award and Golden Globe Nominee for Best Actress. Co-producer of the Emmy nominated series The Bible

"If we want to be a movement, we've got to sing like a movement. 

So think not of this music in this particular effort as being something written for the bucks and shared to entertain... No... It's shared to find the vehicle for the unanimity we need to be in each other's hearts and prevail; so that the world can be repaired and so that we can be freed from the forces that might take us away from the possibilities of building a true peace. We need more people like Manny... we have to do this in each and every generation.


World renowned singer-songwriter, and member of the iconic group Peter, Paul and Mary. Political Activist, and the Founder of Operation Respect, an organization that promotes tolerance and civility in schools

"Love and compassion are the reasons for being. When we choose wisely and if we can unite our souls like the seven colours of the spectrum, true harmony awaits us at the end of the rainbow."


Chairman & Co-Founder Alliance 4 Empowerment, Founder and Chairman, Women4Empowerment

"In the early stages of developing Destination Peace into an international agenda, Manny has been heavily involved with the United Nations and its' diplomatic community. He has already blessed other countries around the world with his spiritual leadership and his message through song".


5x Grammy Nominee and 3x Grammy Recipient (2 for Album of the Year)

"Every such great awakening in our history has been signaled and sparked by the arts, the soul, talk and thought.  Those memorable events and experiences are forever an integral part of who we are, what we remember as sacred and what we hold dear. 

No more prizes for forecasting the rain, only prizes for building the ark."


Teacher, geopolitical advisor and theorist. Dr. Beck served alongside Nelson Mandela on the creation of deep reconciliation strategies in the post-apartheid South Africa

"Join us on our journey to Destination Peace. We need thinkers, planners, dreamers, visionaries, provocateurs, skeptics, gurus, coaches, mentors, disciples, fans, street teams, publicists, tweets and beats. All we ask is your undying desire to make a better world."


Co-Founder and Co-Owner of multiple Grammy/Oscar Winning SoundTrack Studios in New York and Boston

"One of the most moving experiences that I've ever had through music was hearing Manny "cantor" a psalm in Hebrew.  I didn't understand many of the words, but I could share in the emotion and unite my heart in prayer.

Now Manny has created a prayer language from the many cultures of the world.  He hasn’t given us the meaning of the words, as this enables each of us to pray along with him at our own place of understanding. The same God who revealed himself in Hebrew is making himself known to all nations.  May we lift up our hearts to the God of all creation!"


Pastor, Mount Calvary Catholic Church, Baltimore. Priest Associate to Bishop Denis J. Madden, Archdiocese in Baltimore


"Music changes the listener.  People all have opinions; this is good, that is bad, this is right, that is wrong. How can we make ourselves better? How can we make the world better?  Manny works to bring out the best in each person and Manny's music is that little extra ingredient."


Singer, stage director, minister of music, and consultant to multiple organizations and individuals. Voice trainer to artists including, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Liza Minnelli, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder among others.

“In music each note is distinctive, but in composition a masterpiece is created. That’s how The Universe works composing a masterpiece from our differences“.


Senior Pastor, Union Baptist Church in Baltimore

“We are unique and diverse. We are the same the world over. Together we are a great symphony of divergent life.

We have all found our origin in One God.

All of us long for the same things; love, joy, peace and prosperity of body and soul. This is the heartfelt song that we sing in harmony to the heavens“.


President, National Bible Association

In the “Age of Connectivity” song is known to be a most effective connector. It is a positive tool to enhance the implementation of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, foster universal peace building and stimulate new mindsets for caring communities.   

professor Dianne davis

International Council for Caring Communities

(ICCC acts as a bridge linking government, civil society organizations, the private sector, universities and the United Nations in enhancing new ways of viewing an integrated society for all ages)